What Makes A Person Sell Their Entire Retro Games Collection?

Move over, Nintendo: PlayStation can play the mini console game, too. SNES games - especially boxed ones - have risen sharply in value lately; it's insane how much some very average titles are worth. In this pun-filled episode we batter-up and try our hand at the world of alternative sports, go over the history of console online gaming, and get the weed-whacker out to take care of Jeff's creepy moustache once and for all.

Nintendo 64 and PlayStation ushered in a new era of gaming. It helps take the edge off of how truly brutal these games can be. They are excellent retro puzzle games with some adult themes. Though I played the game a bit and I must say I'm not highly impressed (at least yet).

I'm so, so close to just canceling all of my physical Switch pre-orders and just downloading the games when I get around to wanting to play them. I think that's great news and would welcome it if more classic games could be freed. You can give a kid who's never played a Mario game the controller and within seconds they'll have worked out how to play.

I don't have a huge house and if I still owned all the games I've bought for the many, many consoles I've played in my lifetime, there would probably just be shelves of games all over the place. Playing retro games is a popular pastime of some of the most avid game fanatics, who can't always feed their urge through official channels.

By this point, my collection had grown to take in games for the Famicom, Super Famicom, Sega Saturn, Game Gear and PC Engine as well as the Mega Drive, so there were plenty of platforms to choose from. The series of Sonic games by Sega won multiple awards including Best Platformer at GamingXP's Best of Gamescom 2011.

Despite the lack of Virtual Console, you could easily drop $1,000 or more on classic games on Switch thanks to Hamster's weekly Arcade Archives releases, Flying Tiger's Johnny Turbo-branded reissues and far too many others. I probably have somewhere between 200 - 300 physical games across a dozen consoles.

Of course always online games this doesn't help. About Youtuber Matt is one of the best-known and respected academics studying videogames today. What's interesting about this is that it's a revival of a revival - the original game is almost as youtube rant old as I am (from 1981, so I can't tell you about the "good old times" here).

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